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Following the release of Pussy Riot members Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, we have received confirmation from Hunter Heaney, executive director at The Voice Project, that they are still gathering and administrating funds for the future project Pussy Riot members are planning to implement in the coming weeks.We will keep you updated about the possible evolution regarding the funds you are donating.
More information to follow soon.

This is what Hunter Heaney wrote on Dec. 28 2013:

"While we will start to take down public links to the Support Fund, we have just sent around an email yesterday to the women, families and group members stating that we will for now continue to take in the funds that are still coming in and distribute them as we have unless they would like something different done, so far that seems to be the plan. At the time of Nadya's and Masha's release, funds were being distributed 1/3 to Masha's mom, 1/3 to Nadya's dad (they each indicated in writing to us that this is where their portions should go, and then from there funds were used from there for various support and legal purposes) and 1/3 to the Pussy Riot collective.

Nadya and Masha are working to set up a new prisoners rights group as you may have read about which will be seeking crowd funding, and we've requested a donation link there to direct people to when it is set up, though it's not yet up and running. This group will likely be separate from Pussy Riot. My suggestions would be to continue to send funds as they are for now until such a time as we get either different instructions from them or the new org is set up, at which time either funds can continue to come to us and we can make the donation there, or the donation button can be changed to go to the new organization if that is possible from their side, or we could simply transfer 100% to the collective to support future activities, but since things are in flux now, perhaps leaving things as they are until things with the newly released women are a bit more flushed out, which should happen fairly quickly I think. In terms of public information for now, I would just say the funds will be used to support Pussy Riot."


In early November 2013 Antye Greie-Ripatti (aka AGF) expressed her frustration and sadness at the situation in Russia for protesters such as Pussy Riot and Greenpeace and asked via our mailing list if we would like to do something in support of Pussy Riot.

Twenty of us said yes, and Glasgow based member Heidi Stewart (aka A BAD MAN made the first concrete actions. Four weeks and many many emails later we had an international compilation mastered by AGF and artwork by female:pressure members Heidi Stewart - drawing, and Janina Schütz - graphic design. Some tracks have included tech footnotes by the artist, giving insight into their working methods and kit they use.


Across a variety of countries, these electronic music producers of female:pressure offer their music in solidarity with Pussy Riot calling for freedom for imprisoned Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina. We have heard that they may be set free, and hope that this effort increases exposure for their cause and celebrates their liberation.

All money raised from this compilation will be donated directly to The Voice Project who is managing the International Support Fund for Pussy Riot.

The Voice Project is managing the international support fund for Pussy Riot to aid with legal efforts to secure the freedom of the imprisoned members of the group, to meet the security, care and support needs of Nadya [Nadezhda Tolokonnikova] and Masha [Maria Alyokhina] while they are incarcerated in the labor camps as well as care for their young children.


Living in the arctic north I get to observe frozen landscapes a lot, it is incredible how versatile ice can break and it makes different sounds every time, depending on the way the ice froze, how fast for instance and on the temperature. The beat of the track was made of ice breaking and splashing. My daughter threw and cracked the ice while I recorded with a mobile Tascam recorder in Kilpisjarvi, Finland in 2011. Later I sliced the recordings into the Logic sampler and crashed the beat. I dubbed with some bass, vocals and the iPad running iMPC and SAMPLR and SyloSynth. I mastered all tracks tof this compilation with Weiss Outboard Limiter.
In German we also have the saying of "Ice breaks" between people, where formerly there was a cold icy mood etc. Ice can break, sometimes it needs an ice breaker. I hope my track miraculously without him noticing melts Putin's heart.
Ice Breaker (Pussy Riot Solid Version) - written and performed by AGF

Atonal Resistance - written by Ipek Ipekcioglu / BerlinIstan

Mach Mich Gut - written by Gudrun Gut

This song is inspired in part by Videodrome, a film about a television programmer who discovers a broadcast signal featuring extreme violence and torture. In the film, reality unravels as the programmer discovers the signal's source, and in the interim renders the lines that separate reality and fantasy no longer apparent. Drawing interpretation from this theme, the lyrics to this song are about the growing political resistance just beyond what is reported on the nightly news, and speak of the urgent need to cast light upon and question the one behind the curtain who pulls the strings. Pussy Riot did just this, going out on a limb and taking the risks necessary to voice their important message that demands equality and highlights the importance of it. I support them and applaud them for their courage.
Nikki - written by SciFiSol

The methodology of this track is a combination of Pro-Tools and Ableton Live predominantly using Live's Beat Repeater clashing with the sound of a doll laughing or crying ( seems similar) which I had recorded previously. I chose this track for this compilation for a couple of reasons:
first because of the division, the divider, the rupture between mothers and children, the one who divides"You gonna make me cry" and secondly because of the insistent repetitive rhythmic pattern.
Eponymous track . The starting point for my album "Doll Divider" was derived from A4 paintings I made by using pages from fashion magazines and painting on top of the photos of the models to create an enhanced vivid distortion. Collectively these paintings are called "Processed Dolls".
Doll Divider - produced by Olivia Louvel

This track came out on my debut album while I was in Berlin. I felt this track hit the spot for what I project to be the intentions of Pussy Riot.
For this track I created most of the arrangement and parts using hardware I collected over the years: Boss DR-770 & DR-660 drum machines; Roland SP-202 sampler; Alesis Air synth and vocals.
Then I took this live arrangement into the recording studio with Robert Ohm and we added additional production using Cubase.
V To The Dub (original wake up mix) - written by Caro C

"Keeping You There" is about an insane man keeping a girl against her will. The hardest track I had to do, it took me 3 years. I used Logic in combination with Reason. I recorded the dialogue parts myself in a bathroom because of natural reverb, it was really interesting. I made it a real performance because playing the girl's part was very intense.
This was my first attempt to play with gender through voice effects, since I also recorded the man's voices myself.
I realized lately this track could also be about the Pussy Riot members and what's happening in Russia, with this mad man sending people to jail for political reasons.
Keeping You There - written and produced by Skr3amy

Rivolta - written by Anna Bolena and Lady Maru

this track was made partly during a train ride when i was reading the lettercorrespondence between Nadeshda Tolokonnikova and Slavoj Zizek. It was incredible to notice how strong words can be, so i decided to record an instrumental track in order to support this compilation.
"Two years of prison for Pussy Riot is our tribute to a destiny that gave us sharp ears, allowing us to sound the note A when everyone else is used to hearing G flat." NT 201302
I recorded some train noise w my iphone and used a sine wave program and reaktor gaugear, logic and ableton live.
Where is Nadeshda Tolokonnikova? - written by chra

Entmutigt - written by Sonae

Letting Go - written by Alice Rose

Fashion - written and produced by Jennifer Touch

Small Caverns And Bright Machines - written by A BAD MAN

This track comes from a rhythm n'noise concept album called "Amoris Vulnus (The Wound Of Love)", dedicated to all victims of rape and abuse. I weave harsh noises and wailing, haunting vocals into a weft of techno beats to create a short-circuit between the enjoyment of the music and the terrifying tragedy it recalls.
Cries And Blisters - written by Viy

a work with the sound of a door in a prison
Open the doors for all pussy riots - written by Xyramat

I wrote this track upon hearing the terrible news of Jyoti Singh Pandey being gang-raped and left to die in Delhi. Despite the anger and the sense of impotence it triggered in me, I wanted to give a message of hope: we must never stop fighting and striving for our lives and happiness. This is why the stanzas sound forlorn and desperate, but are then engulfed by the loud, high-pitched and strenuous chorus.
New Day - written by Vera Bremerton

"Waiting" is a snap-shot of a possibly endless process of deconstruction and disintegration. It is a live take and theoretically could sound different and last much longer. I processed recordings of breaking glasses in various, concurrent ways by means of granular synthesis and spectral interpolation. My favorite tools to do so are Robert Henke's MaxForLive devices Granulator and GrainFreeze and Michael Norris' Spectral DroneMaker.
All percussive sounds but the bass drum are made of granulated voices - these female voices are very present but hardly recognizable as such. Sometimes, though, voices seem to be counting... but they cannot proceed, they don't make headway. "Time stretch" takes on a different meaning while the glasses keep cracking.
Waiting - written and produced by Electric Indigo, December 2013


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idea AGF & A BAD MAN
artwork Janina Schütz - graphic design & Heidi Stewart - drawing
mastering AGF
track order Gudrun Gut & AGF
release text Caro C
compilation title Gudrun Gut
bandcamp set-up Olivia Louvel
contact with The Voice Project Olivia Louvel & Hunter Heaney
contact with Amnesty Deutschland Ipek Ipekcioglu & Anna Block
distribution via iTunes and other stores Jens Alder & Gudrun Gut



For further requests and feedback please contact bandcamp at femalepressure dot net.


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