1. Precondition

Members of the female:pressure network who organize, curate, or contribute to f:p associated events are representatives of our network and they are accountable for their actions in the context of the respective events.

The idea behind f.p events should be around strengthening the local community. That said, no one artist should stand out above another, including whoever is hosting or promoting the event.

Being accountable includes:

2. Requirements

female:pressure events must have inclusive lineups with representation from varied ancestral and cultural identities. If we are unable to represent a full spectrum of inclusivity, due to any reason or resources out of f:p's control in collaboration with the industry, the main f:p organizer keeps a simple documentation on this for each event as a self-supportive action.

f:p events should strengthen the local community and therefore have to include a majority of local artists.

All artists, lecturers, panelists, moderators etc. get paid with transparent fees and cost breakdown.

Promoters and/or club owners have to communicate the door prices and costing split of event in advance and follow up upon adaptations.

We want sliding scale options of the door prices for network members.

All text for promotion must be approved in advance by a female:pressure representative, e.g. the f:p member who organizes the event.

The primary representatives from the f:p network who are curating the lineup have open access and the support of the female:pressure awareness team at , to help sorting mediations between artists, collaborators or venues shall it be needed.

The venue's manager, booker, and/or promoter [i.e. the main collaborator to hold the event] must agree to these requirements and additional points below.

f:p event organizers are asked to share what events are happening where and when with the f:p administration at . This is helpful to align for promotion and to potentially have support for ethical/organisation matters.

3. Additional Points